Town Spotlight: Littleton, NH

The White Mountains region of New Hampshire is full of cute little towns, which are often my favorite part of travelling. They can be just as interesting as large cities, with their own unique histories and local businesses. Littleton is one those towns.


Littleton has a nice main road dotted with shops, ranging from antiques and books to candy and clothing. Chutters, a candy store, even boasts the world’s longest candy counter. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to check that one out, but there were plenty of other shops and interesting buildings to catch our attention.

Thayers Inn Hotel

For Bibliophiles, check out Little Village Toy and Book Shop, which sounds a lot more kid-centered than it is. There’s a large children’s area with, you guessed it, toys and books, but on the other side of the store there’s a great selection of adult titles and cool displays, like mountain climbing and staff picks.

Little Village Toy and Book Shop

A few of my other favorites were Just L Modern Antiques, Black Sheep Provisions, Little City Thrift Store, spots I’d like to make a separate post about and will link here once I do.

Grist Mills and beer

We actually enjoyed Littleton so much that, after taking the Cog Railway in Mount Washington, we went back to check out Schilling Beer, Co., a converted 18th-century grist mill on the Ammonoosuc River. The restaurant includes a beer garden and porch overlooking the rushing rapids of the river below. And if you have a wait, which you most likely will especially on a summer night, their tasting room is just next door.

Schilling Beer Co.

I had a Czech pilsner in a hefty glass mug and I have never felt more like a medieval king drinking grog by a crackling fire place at the end of a long day of war strategy planning. So if that’s the vibe you’re going for, I’d suggest checking it out. Even if you’re not a big fan of beer, there are ciders and non-alcoholic beverages, along with super delicious wood-fired pizzas and Bavarian pretzels.

Covered Bridge Views

The Riverwalk covered bridge connects the two banks of the Ammonoosuc river and provides an awesome view of the rushing water below, surrounded by coniferous trees. The wooden structure paired with the trees, rapids, and distant view of the White Mountains gives this spot a very Bavarian or Swiss Alps vibe.

Hidden Art

The side streets of Littleton are just as interesting. Not only are there a few hidden shops, like Little City Thrift Store and Bad Art, there are cool murals and other unexpected aesthetic wonders.

Along Mill St, right next to Bad Art, there are a few murals. I’m not sure if they change from time to time, but as of when we went, there’s a boston terrier that actually has an Instagram account (@ifoundlola) along with a few quotes: the classic “Stay Gold” and the sage advice of “Buy some art 2 stare at in case your phone dies.” Apparently Lola has a little cult following, as the Instagram is full of people finding her in odd places via stickers, posters and other unassuming paraphernalia.

At the Pollyanna Gateway, a set of stairs that leads down to Mill St., colorful umbrellas hang overhead that reminds me of the Umbrella Alley in Quebec (another city on my to-go list). I’d love to come back to Littleton and the White Mountains in general, as there are plenty of spots we didn’t even get to see yet.

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